Naseer Mats
Korai  Mats for Masjid - Prayer Halls - Churches & Temples - Mats for Marriage Functions
Korai Mats with Superb Designs with Durability, Excellent Quality Cotrol and Timely Supply
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Handicrafts Natural Spread On Any Surface - Click to Spread Fold
Diomond Korai Mat
Made of Fine Quality Cyperaceae Korai with elegant designs. Natural colors are used. Has no side effects, ever. Comfortable and cost effective.  Low Caste Luxury, recommended for good health.    
double color Korai mats
Diamond Green Color Korai Mats - Click to Spread and Fold
Diamond Korai Mats
Korai mats may be broadly divided into three categories. Coarse mats are rough in texture, relatively quick to weave and may be made using either a handloom or powerloom. Higher quality handloom mats are finer in texture. The highest quality have a texture akin to silk.
Red Korai Mats
Double Key Double Color Korai Mats - Click to Spread and Fold
One kay Korai Mats
Korai is a Natural Product - a sort of thick grass, grown locally for the purpose of manufacturing Mats. This grass has no side effects on the body of the Users. This grass belongs to the sedge family of plants, Cyperaceae. Korai is quite Natural, Eco friendly and biodegradable. Korai Mat gives coolness to human body.
Korai Mats
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